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What is ERIN?

ERINPosted by Tanja Rohini Bisgaard 05 Sep, 2017 16:51
ERIN is a future world that I have created where my short stories take place. It is an acronym for The European Republic of Independent Nations.

My vision for a future Europe is a union of states that have agreed to work together on political issues that affect more that one country. Such as climate change, pollution, taxes and so on. Some of the issues the EU are already working on today, but some of them are hard to manage as a union.

I know that a republic is considered a single state, with one ruler. So I should really have chosen the word Federation instead - as a federation is a union of self governing states as I expect Europe to be in the future. However, I did not like the acronym that came out of that - EFIN. So I chose to go with ERIN.

Through a series of short stories set in a future Europe, I describe the lives of people in one country at a time. My aim is to write at least eight short stories - from eight countries. My focus is on climate change, pollution, resource depletion - but also on political and social structures.

I hope you want to follow me as I write one short story a month during the next year. (I do take holidays sometimes, so every now and then I will skip a month smiley)

I am self-publish the short stories. Therefore I find a professional editor every time I am done writing. If you want to support me in that, I have a Patreon page where you can help me with a monthly amount. All of the short stories will be available on Amazon KDP Select.

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