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Inspiration for The Relic

ERINPosted by Tanja Rohini Bisgaard 07 Oct, 2017 16:07

After I wrote the first draft of this story, someone told me that Olafur Eliasson and Minik Thorleif Rosing had actually done what I was writing about. I was ashamed and amazed at not having heard about it – and who would believe me when I said I did not know! So I investigated what the Icelandic artist had actually done: in 2015, for the talks about a global climate agreement in Paris (COP 21), Mr Eliasson and Mr Rosing had several lumps of ice transported to the centre of Paris where they lay for days as they melted.

You can read more about the project they named Ice Watch Paris here.

Photo taken by UNclimatechange on flickr.

Even though my idea seemed less original, I decided to write it anyway – in a futuristic version. I hope you enjoy The Relic. Read it here.

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