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Inspiration for Winter of Nations

ERINPosted by Tanja Rohini Bisgaard 17 Nov, 2017 13:54
My short story Winter of Nations was written after Claudia told me about one of her summer holidays when she visited the Baltic countries in 1989.

It was a peaceful political demonstration that occurred in the three Baltic states to create global attention about the Soviet Union’s occupation of the countries, and their wish to become independent nations. Approximately two million people participated on 23 August 1989, by holding hands and forming a human chain that spanned 675 kilometres (420 miles) across the three countries. By the end of 1991, all three Baltic countries had had elections and declared their independence.

The event was later named The Baltic Way

It was one of several revolutions across Europe. The fall of the Berlin Wall another. The time period was named The Autumn of Nations.

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