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Interview with Richard Friedman

2047 Short StoriesPosted by Tanja Rohini Bisgaard 15 Mar, 2018 11:08

1.What do you write?

I write climate fiction novels and short stories. My previous stories all ended badly for mankind. Death, destruction on a global scale, extinction, etc... Then I met Al Gore in October of 2017 at the Climate Reality Group Training and he convinced me that we're going to survive. No more Doom and Gloom for me!

2. Why did I join the team?

I wanted to be part of a group that brought different perspectives and styles to the anthology.

3.Where did I get my inspiration?

The Lorax, by Dr. Suess. He spoke for the trees. It's been my favorite book since I was a little kid.

4.What am I writing at the moment?

Book one in the "Stone Callahan and the Geraci Gang" series. A teenage boy with insight to the future, and his talented high school friends stop environmental disasters before they occur. Like Scooby-Doo, but no ghosts! Zoinks!

5.Why should we read it?

Now that I'm done writing about the end of mankind on Earth, I can write happy endings! Everyone likes a happy ending, right?

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